LG 47LA7400 Review



This 47-inch model has some pretty strong points in its favor. First, its black levels are better than those of most other budget LED TVs. The included wand-style remote with voice command is a hit with reviewers. Experts commend the 3D performance for its bright picture and lack of crosstalk.

LG LA7400 reviews deem this a respectable series of TVs with a fun, unusual remote control. An expert at PC Mag praises the black levels, which are darker than most LED TVs can manage. The shadow detail is very good and colors are fairly accurate -- maybe just a bit off. This reviewer likes the wand-style controller, which includes voice command. He saw just a bit of crosstalk in 3D mode but says the depth of field is excellent. An editor at Reviewed.com admires the smooth motion and detailed picture. The screen doesn't get quite as dark as she would like, however. An expert on HD Guru says the 55-inch model has a good contrast ratio and excellent grayscale. The 3D picture is bright and comfortable to watch.

The LG LA7400 series of LED TVs is available in 47-, 55-, and 60-inch versions, but only the 47-inch LG 47LA7400 falls within our price range (starting at $1,029, Amazon). It has a passive 3D screen and a "TruMotion" refresh rate of 240 Hz designed to reduce motion blur. The LG 47LA4700 is a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi and provides access to lots of apps and streaming services. It has three HDMI ports, three USB ports, and a component input. The TV includes four pairs of 3D glasses.

The LG 47LA7400 is a solid entry among 3D TVs. It's relatively small, at 47 inches, yet pricier than our top picks, which are 50-inch TVs. The unusual remote control with voice command is certainly interesting and most reviewers enjoy using it, but that alone isn't worth a few hundred dollars extra.

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