LG LW1015ER Review



Users applaud this 10,000-BTU model for its easy installation and rapid and effective cooling. It comes with an Energy Star label and all the standard features.

The LG LW1015ER is too new to have generated any online reviews, but the 2014 model, the LG LW1014ER, maintains a high rating on the Home Depot website, and previous generations have been equally well received. The LW1015ER (starting at $269, Amazon) features only minor changes, which inspires confidence that its functionality and cooling performance will live up to top-rated older models.

With a 10,000-BTU cooling capacity, the LG LW1015ER should be able to handle an area up to about 450 square feet. That's why a user posting a review of a previous model at Home Depot was amazed to find that it quietly and effectively cooled 900 square feet. Another user says a 10,000-BTU LG air conditioner made a hot kitchen feel like a freezer and cooled the living room as well. The 2014 LG LW1014ER received similarly positive consumer feedback. One reviewer gave it credit for cooling an entire floor of his home, although he didn't specify the square footage.

Where to buy

Buy it from Sears or Amazon.

LG LW1014ER reviews mention easy installation, relatively quiet operation, and convenient features. We don't anticipate that the LW1015ER will differ in these areas, as the units are nearly identical. The LW1015ER earns an Energy Star label with an impressive energy-efficiency ratio of 11.3 and a CEER of 11.2. It features an energy-saver function, automatic restart after a power outage, a remote control, and a programmable 24-hour timer. This air conditioner comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

The bottom line: The LG LW1015ER matches or exceeds the features of its predecessors and promises to measure up to their highly rated performance, as well.

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