GE AEM06LT Review



This 6,050-BTU air conditioner is well-equipped, with energy saver and sleep modes, a 24-hour timer, and a remote control. Reviewers admire its cooling abilities even in extreme conditions.

This air conditioner is a new model for 2015 and not yet widely available at retail. However, consumer product experts have already subjected this unit to comparative testing. Their GE AEM06LT review cites high scores for comfort, noise, and performance in brownout conditions (i.e., high temperature and low voltage). A couple of 5-star reviews on the manufacturer's website marvel at how quickly a room -- or two -- reaches a comfortable temperature. The cooling capacity is 6,050 BTUs, which suits spaces up to about 250 square feet.

Owners can adjust the GE AEM06LT (starting at $220, Amazon) using four-way louvers and electronic controls with a choice of three fan speeds, either in cooling mode or fan-only. There's also a remote control, a 24-hour on/off timer, and an energy saver mode that cycles the unit off when a set temperature is reached, saving electricity. This Energy Star-certified air conditioner meets the most recent government standards with an energy-efficiency ratio, or EER, of 11.2 and a combined energy-efficiency ratio, or CEER, of 11. The unit weighs 46 pounds and fits in a window with an opening between 22.5 and 38 inches wide and at least 13.5 inches high. It comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Where to buy

Buy it from Sears or Amazon.

Expect this air conditioner to take on slightly different model numbers depending on where it's sold (e.g., the previous version, model No. AEM06LS, was identified as AEH06LS at Sam's Club, AEL06LS at Home Depot, and AEZ06LS at Walmart). Such models may have different features, so take a close look at the specs, but the prices may be up to $50 lower.

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