AeroBed EcoLite Airbed Review


Think Twice

This inflatable mattress receives more negative than positive reviews mainly because of the battery-powered air pump, which only works for this mattress and takes hours to recharge.

There aren't a lot of AeroBed EcoLite reviews, and those we did find indicate that users have a mildly positive view of this air mattress's comfort. In AeroBed EcoLite reviews on Amazon, one user concludes that it's suitable for camping but not for guests, while another reports sleeping comfortably while on a medical mission in the Dominican Republic. But most comments posted in AeroBed EcoLite reviews concern the air pump. Unlike the 120Velectric air pumps built-in to the top air beds or included in the package as an accessory, the stand-alone EcoLite air pump is battery-powered. And it seems to cause users a fair amount of grief. Before using this rechargeable NiCd battery for the first time, consumers say it needs 24 hours of charging, and subsequent recharging takes a full 12 hours. This kind of puts a crimp into spur-of-the-moment plans and can cause problems in the middle of a camping trip when the mattress is in need of air and the battery has run dry. (Manufacture's specs say the pump can be used five to seven times before it needs more juice.) In addition, as one user points out, the older NiCd battery technology means it must be fully discharged before recharging, otherwise subsequent run times are permanently shortened. Users also note the pump is heavy, although they say it does have sufficient power.

What the EcoBed EcoLite does have going for it is its eco-friendly shell. Made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), it's free of the odor-causing chemical compounds found in PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the usual material used to make cheap air mattresses. The mattress is puncture-resistant and topped with a plush, rayon flocking. It's supposed to inflate to its full 7-inch height in 90 seconds and deflate within two minutes, and there's a two-year warranty on the valve and pump. The EcoLite is available as a twin (74x39 inches) and as a queen (78x60 inches), and its weight capacity is 300 pounds and 600 pounds, respectively.

If you're determined to avoid PVC, you might want to consider the EcoLite. But be prepared to put up with a battery-powered pump based on an out-of-date technology and know that you'll pay a higher price than you would for one of our top air mattress picks.

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