Germ Guardian AC4020 3-in-1 Review


This sleek, small-room unit (93 square feet) combines a HEPA and carbon filter in one to reduce replacement costs. The third player in the purification process: a UV sanitizer.

Although there are precious few Germ Guardian AC4020 reviews online, the fact that parent company Guardian Technologies has a difficult time keeping the model in stock suggests sales are high. And there are a lot of reasons to believe this little air purifier would be coveted by consumers.

First, at only a little more than 7 inches high, the AC4020 (starting at $55, Amazon) is an ideal size to be placed on a desk or bedside table. There’s also a lot of potential air-cleansing power packed into this small-room model, which covers areas up to 93 square feet. The AC4020 is armed with a combined HEPA-charcoal filter that attacks odors as well as 99.97 percent of particles larger than 0.3 microns in size. This "3-in-1" model also employs the latest in UV technology to further sanitize the air and kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. Additional features include three fan settings, a filter-change indicator, and an aesthetically pleasing design. Unlike many other air purifiers, the Germ Guardian AC4020 is meant to be proudly displayed, not stashed in a corner.

Of the few reviews on Amazon, those from customers unhappy with their purchases cite the fact that the AC4020 is a lot noisier than they expected given its diminutive size. In an extended 4-star review, however, one buyer insists that the sound issue is pretty much the only thing that can be criticized about this model, which in all other ways is well worth the relatively small amount of money spent. (Use it on the lowest setting to minimize noise.) The design allows users to save on filter replacement costs, as it requires only a single filter (selling for about $15) to be changed at six-month intervals, rather than separate HEPA and charcoal filters. Taking all that into account, this little black box seems like a bargain.

Tahirah Blanding

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