AirTran Airways Review


AirTran earns high marks for excellent customer service, with many passengers saying the staff is courteous and helpful and the planes are comfortable. AirTran charges for all checked luggage and priority boarding but offers complimentary beverages and snacks. There are 700-odd daily flights to more than 60 destinations.

Good customer service is a hallmark of this discount airline, according to many AirTran reviews. At Viewpoints, for example, many passengers say the overall flying experience is consistently good and one review says that employees' upbeat attitude and helpfulness can make her day. Travelers note that personnel are friendly and patient and helpful with stressed parents who are flying with young children. Reviews also laud the low ticket prices, convenient flight times, generous rewards program, and in-flight entertainment options. While most reviews posted at Airfare Watchdog report smooth sailing, some grouse about mishaps like overbooked flights, messed up reservations, and having to pay extra to sit with family members.

AirTran charges for all checked bags, with a weight limit of 50 pounds; the first bag costs $20, the second costs $25, and every bag thereafter is priced at $50. The carrier recently introduced a service in several cities that lets you physically check your bags at a remote location such as a hotel or convention center within 24 hours of your scheduled flight. Advance seat assignment in coach incurs an additional fee (prices vary by seat and by fare class) and priority boarding will set you back $10. Beverage and snack service is complimentary on all flights but Wi-Fi will cost you (price varies by flight, but ranges between $1.95 and $39.95). Seats are 18 inches wide with pitch of 30 to 31 inches. AirTran flies to more than 60 destinations and sends aloft about 700 daily flights.

The reports we read citing reasonable efficiency and generally good customer service led us to conclude that AirTran belongs on our list of top no-frills airlines. Although you must pay to select a seat and check your bags, at least luggage fees are slightly lower than elsewhere. All in all, AirTran is a budget-worthy choice.

Raechel Conover

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