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Think Twice

Frontier has some fans who appreciate the low ticket prices, but the uncomfortable seats (more legroom costs extra) and many widely variable fees make many travelers regret their choice.

Like others in its class, this discount airline is the object of both praise and scorn in Frontier Airlines reviews. At Viewpoints, for example, passengers generally commend the responsive, friendly customer service and low ticket prices although some gripe about confusing check-in, rigid reservation-change policies (e.g., for an active-duty soldier), and arbitrary responses to problems caused by delayed and cancelled flights. Likewise at Review Centre some reviews report easy check-in, comfortable seating, acceptable in-flight meals (for a fee), and value for the money while others find fault with the carrier's online reservation system, tendency to overbook, indifferent customer service, and misleading information conveyed by ticket agents.

Frontier assesses a $20 fee for each of the first two checked bags and $50 for a third. There's a 50-pound weight limit unless you're willing to pay up. You'll also be charged for in-flight entertainment (movies and DirecTV start at $3.99) and for snacks; non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Extra leg room costs $15-$25, depending on the type of seat; seats are 18 inches wide with a pitch that ranges between 30 and 35 inches. Frontier flies to 80 destinations and operates 350 daily flights.

We like the relatively low checked-baggage fees, budget ticket prices, and the absence of loud complaining about uncomfortable seats. Although Frontier Airlines reviews are lackluster, this is an acceptable choice if the route system meets your needs.

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