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Think Twice

Spirit is one of the most pilloried airlines in the industry. Although travelers can find cheap tickets, the customer service is minimal, the flight experience is austere, and fees abound.

Spirit Airlines reviews posted at Viewpoints are hostile. Passengers contend that customer service is disrespectful and condescending, the planes are cramped and dirty, and the a la carte pricing (for drinks, bags, checking in with a live person, etc.) eats up any savings on the fare itself. Numerous travelers insist in reviews that they would not choose this no-frills carrier again. Complaints also surfaced in reviews at Airline Quality where passengers bemoan all the extra fees, long lines, irritable staff members, flights missed due to uncooperative personnel, and inconsistent application of policies. One review at this site relates how a couple was pulled aside on the jetway and made to pay for a small carry-on that fell within guidelines while other passengers with small bags sailed through.

Few reviews for Spirit Airlines mention the $9 Fare Club, which entitles members to dirt-cheap prices when the airline makes them available and savings on bag-check fees when booking online; annual membership fee is $59.95.

Spirit charges a lot for a lot. It allows each passenger one personal item at no charge and demands $30 for a carry-on bag. The first checked bag costs $28, the second costs $35, and bags three through five are $85 each. There's also an extra fee for bags weighing more than 40 pounds (other airlines typically set the weight limit at 50 pounds before a fee kicks in). Passengers should expect to pay for each beverage and snack, extra leg room, and seat selection. Seats are 17 to 18 inches wide with pitch of 28 to 36 inches. Spirit services 50 destinations and runs 150 flights each day.

What with all the extra add-on fees, Spirit gets you coming and going. That, plus the proliferation of passenger complaints, suggests that Spirit falls short of the budget airlines spirit.

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