Canon Pixma MG5420 Review


The Canon Pixma MG5420 has features you don't usually find in an all-in-one this cheap, including double-sided printing and the ability to print on optical discs.

This may not be an especially fast printer, but Canon Pixma MG5420 reviews point to quite a few nice features. An expert from Computer Shopper says the Pixma MG5420 (starting at $79, Amazon) demonstrates excellent print quality across the board, from sharp, dark text to graphics with faithfully reproduced color. The Pixma MG5420 lacks an Ethernet port, but the reviewer appreciates the printer's Wi-Fi ability, as well as the fact that it can print to optical discs -- a fairly unusual option for a printer in this price range. Support for auto-duplexing, or two-sided printing, is also a welcome feature.

A PC Mag reviewer agrees that the print quality is very good. Text looks sharp and easily readable even when using small fonts. This Canon Pixma MG5420 review asserts that photos created with this printer look even better than prints you'd get from the drugstore, with excellent color reproduction. The lack of an automatic document feeder is a drawback, and the reviewer found the printer to be a bit on the slow side when printing text, but photo printing is faster than average under the site's test parameters. The PC Mag expert concludes that the output quality alone makes the Pixma MG5420 worth purchasing.

The Canon Pixma MG5420 uses five ink cartridges and can print a maximum of 15 pages per minute in black and 10 ppm in color, according to the specs. Its maximum color resolution is 9,600 x 2,400 dots per inch. The Pixma MG5420 has a 125-sheet input tray for plain paper and a 20-sheet tray for photo paper. The copier can print up to 99 pages in one go and make two-sided copies. Users can also scan images to a memory card and print directly from a memory card with no PC needed. This printer has a generous 3-inch LCD display.

The Canon Pixma MG5420 is a very good value, all things considered. It may not be the fastest machine, but printed text looks sharp and clear. This model includes some uncommon features for a cheap printer, such as auto-duplexing and the ability to print to optical media. Overall this is a good, cheap option for users who want quality output without sacrificing too many features.

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