Ad-Aware Free Review



This free antivirus program earned an Editors' Choice award from PC Magazine due to its excellent malware detection, simple user interface, and fast performance.

Ad-Aware Free reviews report it's as capable as paid programs when it comes to securing a system against viruses and spyware. is impressed with how effectively the program detected malware in its testing and PC Magazine gives this software its Editors' Choice award for the best free antivirus software currently on the market. PC Magazine says Ad-Aware Free outperforms other free software in threats detection and removal. In an Ad-Aware Free review on CNET, experts commend the company for ongoing upgrades, which now include a heuristics-based approach that analyzes the behavior of computer codes to identify threats, but assert that the interface could use a do-over. PC Magazine, on the other hand, likes what it describes as a simple user interface.

Ad-Aware Free includes more features than most free virus-protection programs. Beyond its strong basic defensive shield against viruses and spyware, Ad-Aware Free offers rootkit removal and external drive scanning. Like Norton's antivirus program, Ad-Aware Free has a pulse update feature, which automatically updates the library of virus definitions whenever a new one is available.

There's absolutely no reason for any PC user to fail to protect their computer against the invading hordes when there's a first-rate antivirus program that can be downloaded for free. Ad-Aware Free is ideal for the Cheapists who want to protect their system without spending a dime. It's effective against viruses, spyware, and other malware, and at the end of the day, that's really all you need in a good virus-protection program.

Michael Sweet

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