BabyBjorn Original Review



Users love the ease of use and comfort of the BabyBjorn Original. Their favorite part: this cheap baby carrier can be unbuttoned from the front to remove a sleeping baby without waking her/him. A front carrier that holds babies weighing between eight and 25 pounds, you can carry the baby facing you or the world.

The best, awesome, favorite and worth every penny are just some of the great user comments from Amazon of the BabyBjorn Original. Users posting BabyBjorn Original reviews at Babies R Us agree saying that it is easy to use, comfortable for both wearer and baby, and it's sturdy. Target users also rate the low cost baby carrier extremely high saying it's a great quality baby carrier that is easy to adjust and easy to use.

As a front carrier designed for babies weighing in between eight pounds (21 inches long) up to 25 pounds, the BabyBjorn Original (starting at $54, Amazon) is one of the cheapest in this baby carrier manufacturer's line. The inexpensive baby carrier is completely adjustable for the wearer with adjustable straps and it's adjustable for the baby with an adjustable seat and buckle. Infants can be worn facing in while older babies can be worn facing out. It's made from 100% Cotton/Oeko Tex Class 1 Certified material and has a head rest to support a baby's head, but folds down once they no longer need the support. Perhaps the best feature of the BabyBjorn Original is its front buttoning system. This allows the baby to be removed from the carrier seamlessly and transferred to a crib without him being woken up.

We love this cheap baby carrier. As every parent knows, don't wake a sleeping baby and the front button system on this carrier is very handy for just that. If that's not enough, the user reviews have convinced us that this carrier is the best of the best - maybe even better than some pricier versions. The multiple reports of quality, durability, ease of use, comfort and adjustability all make us crazy about this low cost baby carrier.

Raechel Conover

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