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Sony BabyCall NTM-910 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick
Where to Buy Sony BabyCall NTM-910

Although this economical baby monitor relies on analog technology, it scores high in Sony BabyCall reviews with users who are thrilled with the sensitivity of its transmitter. In reviews on Amazon, several users point out that the monitor cancels out background noise, a frequent source of frustration among parents with analog monitors. In one review on Amazon, a father complains about the lengthy charge time required when the batteries go dead but marvels at the lack of a humming sound like he experienced with a more expensive video monitor he used for a different child. Overall, users posting reviews have both criticism and praise for the battery life of the monitor. Many parents simply plug in the receiver at night so it charges while they're sleeping.

Parents posting Sony BabyCall reviews on Amazon love the belt clip that lets them carry the receiver with them as they move around the house. They say the unique design of the BabyCall makes it easy to carry even if you don't use the belt clip. The antenna is shaped like a handle, so it's easy to pick up the monitor and carry it from room to room.

The Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor NTM-910 (starting at $40 for one receiver, $60 for two, Amazon) is one of the few baby monitors on the market that's water-resistant, a huge plus if you plan to use the receiver in the kitchen or poolside -- or, as one site notes, if you have an accidental spill.

by Maralyn Edid (Google+ Profile) – May 26, 2012
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