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Graco iMonitor Vibe 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick
Where to Buy Graco iMonitor Vibe

In a Graco iMonitor review at Target, a user marvels at the monitor's lack of interference in a house full of gadgets ranging from cell phones and cordless phones to wireless Internet. The Graco iMonitor Vibe also offers a far greater range than its competitors. The range is listed at 2,000 feet, but you'll have to try it yourself. A parent who chose the Graco iMonitor Vibe specifically for its range was disappointed enough to return the unit for a competing model, according to a review on Buzzillions.

All monitors generate user complaints about random beeping, and the Graco iMonitor Vibe (starting at $45 for one parent unit, $90 for two, Amazon) is no exception. The iMonitor Vibe has received some scathing reviews from users about this very problem. Yet one mother scolds other reviewers on Buzzillions, pointing out that the beeping is meant to alert you when the receiver is placed too close to the transmitter, or that a receiver has been left on when the baby unit is switched off.

The unique selling point for this budget baby monitor is its vibration feature, which alerts you to sounds in the baby's room without subjecting you to potentially ear-splitting cries. You can use rechargeable batteries in the Graco iMonitor Vibe, and charging indicator lights let you know when you need to recharge. Another bonus feature is a parent-unit locator, a real godsend for when you can't remember where you put the monitor (or your child has moved it).

by Maralyn Edid (Google+ Profile) – May 26, 2012
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