Summer Infant Secure Sounds Digital Monitor Review



This digital baby monitor comes with an automatic channel selector, belt clip, out-of-range indicator, rechargeable battery, and recharging base. It also includes a backup battery pack for the baby unit so you can continue using the monitor during a power outage.

Although Summer Infant now seems to be focused on dominating the video monitor market, the Secure Sounds audio monitor can still be found in stores and on eBay. The experts at TopTenReviews praise its ease of use in a Summer Infant monitor review and point out that the Secure Sounds baby monitor comes in a variety of colors to match your decor. A consumer products review site also praises the monitor's attractive appearance in a Summer Infant monitor review. A key feature of this monitor is the digital technology, which keeps you from hearing your neighbors' children and your neighbors from hearing yours. Even a parent who isn't completely satisfied with the Secure Sounds monitor admits in a review on Buzzillions that the monitor has a very clear signal.

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Users frequently complain in reviews that the Secure Sounds 2.4 Ghz Digital Monitor (starting at $65, Amazon) can cause problems for wireless Internet users. A parent posting a baby monitor review on Buzzillions reminds other users how individualized baby monitor performance is and stresses the importance of selecting a baby monitor that works well in your home. While many parents complain about short battery life in Summer Infant monitor reviews on Buzzillions, this user avoided the issue by using the monitor mainly at night, allowing it to stay plugged in most of the time. As a result, the user claims to have gone an impressive three years before having to replace the battery.

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