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Graco UltraClear Analog Baby Monitor
Where to Buy Graco UltraClear Analog Baby Monitor

Although this bargain baby monitor's price looks right, a closer look at the specifications and Graco UltraClear reviews reveals that this model isn't such a good buy after all. In a review at TopTenReviews, testers wonder why the monitor doesn't have rechargeable batteries, which have become standard in the baby monitor industry. Unless you want to deal with the hassle and expense of constantly replacing the batteries for the UltraClear, you have to keep the monitor plugged in most of the time -- not a viable option for many families, especially as babies grow older and become more mobile. The monitor's 49 MHz frequency is also not great at minimizing interference, since many devices, including cordless phones, operate on this frequency as well. One user posting a review on Amazon says she decided to use the constant static to her advantage and repurpose the monitor as a white-noise machine for her child.

The Graco UltraClear (starting at $23 for one parent unit, $28 for two, Amazon) also lacks a true must-have: an out-of-range indicator designed to alert you when you've moved too far away from the transmitter to receive a clear signal. If you step outside and lose the signal, you'll have no way of knowing that your baby could be crying back in the house. There are superior monitors in this price range, complete with rechargeable batteries to keep costs down.

by Maralyn Edid (Google+ Profile) – May 26, 2012
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