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Philips Avent Review
Philips Avent

When it comes to baby monitors, digital enhanced cordless telecommunications technology is the creme de la creme. DECT baby monitors are the ultimate in privacy and consistently deliver flawless signals, according to Philips Avent reviews. A consumer products testing site gives the Philips Avent SCD510 monitor its highest rating for having the best range of all of the monitors tested, minimal interference, and long battery life. Users posting reviews on Buzzillions rave about clear sound quality and zero interference. In reviews at Walmart, a user points to the "walkie-talkie" function, noting that it's tough to find a baby monitor with an intercom feature.

The Philips Avent monitor (starting at $95, Amazon) also includes a nightlight, but unlike the Fisher Price Remote Control Musical Audio Monitor, one of our cheap picks, it doesn't allow you to turn the light on and off remotely using the parent unit. The only major downside to Philips Avent baby monitors is the price. But if you're willing to go for something at the very top of our price range, you probably won't be disappointed with the quality.

by Maralyn Edid (Google+ Profile) – May 26, 2011
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