Duracell CopperTop Alkaline Review



Best Cheap AA. These slow-drain disposable alkaline batteries enjoy a reputation for long service in low-capacity devices and hold their own in applications with heavier demands, like digital cameras. Some consumers say they beat out rechargeables. Specs tout a seven-year shelf life.

Just as some people hold onto their old-school cell phones and stereos, consumers posting Duracell CopperTop reviews prefer the tried-and-true, original battery technology. Alkaline batteries certainly still have a place in the home, especially in low-drain devices such as TV remote controls, which don't require a lot of power. These Duracell CopperTop AA alkaline batteries (starting at $10/20-pack, Amazon) are disposable, whereas the rechargeable version commands a higher price and apparently doesn't last very long.

Duracell CopperTop reviews call the non-rechargeable battery pretty powerful and durable for an alkaline. PC Mag rated it among the best alkaline battery options. In the magazine's test, Duracell CopperTops were able to muster 327 camera photos.

These mercury-free batteries have a shelf life of seven years. That's cited as a benefit in Duracell CopperTop reviews at Walgreens, where users also label these batteries long-lasting, powerful, and consistent. Duracell CopperTops apparently perform well for alkaline batteries because they emit only the amount of power needed for the specific device, whether it be a toy, radio, clock, or other low-drain device. If you like alkaline, go with these.

Maralyn Edid

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