Sony Rechargeable 900 mAh Review



Good Cheap AAA NiMH. Another rechargeable NiMH battery, this AAA version with 900 milliampere hours is well-liked by the majority of users, who say it holds a charge longer than expected. A few grumble about the rate of self-discharge while sitting idle and what seems to be less power than specified.

Our second-place pick among AAA low-self-discharge batteries carries a top name brand, Sony, and seems to perform well in a range of devices -- although not as well as its counterpart from Sanyo, judging by Sony Rechargeable reviews. At, a hobbyist presents these batteries as top performers in the category. His testing shows they trail the Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries but can last three times as long as alkaline. Consumers who have posted Sony Rechargeable reviews on Overstock like that these rechargeable batteries are sturdy, last a long time, and hold a charge effectively. A very low cost for rechargeable NiMH batteries (starting at $8.60/4-pack, Amazon) doesn't hurt consumer opinion either.

Some mixed reviews have come in on Amazon, where users give these Sony batteries credit for performing well but not up to their advertised power. One user puts them at 80 percent of their stated capacity at best and others note that they need to be recharged every few hours, compared with every few days for similar batteries. Still, other reviewers suggest that the poor performance claimed by some consumers could be attributed to the devices in which the batteries are used, not the batteries themselves. One such counter opinion comes from an Amazon reviewer who has powered her digital camera for two years with Sony rechargeable batteries and only needs to charge them every other week. If you can't get your hands on Sanyo Eneloops, these are a fine option.

Maralyn Edid

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