Energizer Rechargeable D Review


Think Twice

This D battery is supposed to work for high-drain devices, such as electronic toys and stereo equipment, but disappointed consumers report they die quickly after recharging.

Consumers who have posted Energizer Rechargeable D reviews say they expected more from the brand that allegedly keeps going and going. One Best Buy customer warns other potential buyers that he has to recharge these batteries every other day for use in his son's toys. On Amazon, an Energizer Rechargeable D review likens the battery's power to that of 1960s battery technology.

An exposé by several media outlets revealed that a smaller spacer-clad sub-C cell was actually encased in this "D" battery. That explains why it conked out quickly and didn't perform in the devices it should have been able to power, such as radio receivers and electric motors. The Energizer Rechargeable D was found to have only a third of its advertised mAh -- not enough to keep those items going.

Naturally, media and consumers expressed outrage, as people were paying an exorbitant amount of money for the Energizer Rechargeable D (starting at $10/2-pack, Amazon) in relation to the battery power they were getting -- nearly 400 percent of what the batteries were worth, Slashgear reported.

Maralyn Edid

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