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Our Miller Lite review by 13 beer tasters named this brew the best of the four light beers in our comparison. By way of support, panel members noted the "subtle bitterness" and "decent flavor," contrasting it with the comparatively "weak," "watery-tasting" light beers stacked up against it. The "hoppier" and "more wheat flavored" qualities earned points with the panel. But despite its ranking as best light beer, the review was short on enthusiasm. Tasters called it the best of the four light beer bunch although decidedly "not great."

Produced by Miller Brewing Company, this light beer rang up at $7.99 for a six-pack of 16-ounce cans at our local Safeway. That translates to about $1.33 a can, or about 8 cents an ounce.

Beer-tasting gurus at the Beer Advocate rated Miller Lite "poor," awarding it an average consumer and expert score of 2.19 out of 5. In the Miller Lite review one of the site's owners called out a "light graininess" that was accented with a dab of "grain husk" and a touch of sweetness, but ultimately didn't find much reason to bother with this one.

Better Beer Authority conducted a blind tasting session that yielded results much like own Miller Lite review. And a leading consumer products review site determined, as we did, that Miller Lite surpassed the competition even as the light-beer category as a whole failed to impress.

Miller Lite (8 cents/ounce) certainly won't satisfy beer drinkers who like their brews hearty and hoppy, but it should keep the calorie-conscious crowd (96 calories/12-ounce serving) in good spirits -- not to mention those on a tight budget.

by Gina Briles (Google+ Profile) – April 4, 2016
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