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Kirkland Signature IPA 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick
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The 24-bottle sampler we picked up for the Kirkland Signature IPA review contains four six-packs -- one six-pack each of four different "handcrafted ales." The case cost $18.99, which is a significant savings compared to a 24-pack of the two other craft beers we sampled during our review. At this price, we paid about 79 cents for each 12-ounce bottle, which is equivalent to less than 7 cents an ounce, making the Kirkland Signature brand the cheapest by far of the craft beers in our taste-off.

Sold at Costco under the Kirkland Signature brand, this inexpensive IPA (6.6 cents/ounce) is rumored to be brewed by Gordon Biersch and/or the FX Matt Brewing Company, although the Costco representative we spoke with wouldn't confirm or deny that.

The vote tally from our Kirkland Signature IPA review was enough to earn this beer the best cheap craft beer label. It was also evident from the review that this beer can be fairly described as "complex." Some of our 13-member panel considered it "burnt" and "bitter" while others deemed it "bright" and "floral." Not everyone appreciated the "strong hops" and "bitterness" of an India pale ale, but IPA drinkers tapped into the "nice balance of bitter and sweet" that this beer offered. Additionally, the aftertaste had a bite that some reviews called "nice" and others said "whoa!"

Expert Kirkland Signature IPA reviews were also divided. One consumer products review site reported positive impressions after a tasting, finding it an easy-to-drink beer that isn't overly complicated but good enough for the average imbiber. Back at the Beer Advocate, the review revealed an "average" consumer rating of 3.16 out of 5.

If craft beers and India Pale Ale are your thing, this wallet-friendly version won't disappoint. But you'll need a Costco membership first.

by Gina Briles (Google+ Profile) – April 4, 2016
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