LaScala Optics Othello 3x25 Opera Glasses Review


If you've been to an opera or ballet and found yourself seated in the rear balcony, you may wish you had brought along a pair of opera glasses. The LaScala Optics Othello 3x25 Opera Glasses (starting at $30, Amazon) are an attractive and cheap option, as LaScala Optics Othello 3x25 reviews point out. One review on B&H Photo notes these compact opera glasses look a lot more stylish than her birding binoculars and also fit into a small evening bag. Another review on OpticsPlanet says these are compact and not particularly powerful, but are just right for indoor performances, be it a circus or play. Another review on L.A. Splash notes these small binoculars work best in low light conditions, displaying good resolution and brightness. The LaScala Optics Othello 3x25 has a fixed focus and field of view of 588 feet at 1,000 yards. It weighs just 4.5 ounces and is equipped with a mini flash light that glows red that comes in handy if you're trying to read a program or seat number. Moreover, you have your choice of color; the LaScala Optics Othello 3x25 is available in combinations like titanium and gold, black and gold, white and gold, and burgundy and gold. These small binoculars are a good choice for cultural entertainments but won't be particularly useful in the great outdoors.

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