Oster 6694 Accurate Blend 200 Review


A traditional blender with a 48-ounce capacity and 14 speeds, the Oster Accurate Blend 200 lives up to its name. Users report it churns out creamy smoothies and deftly manages other food-prep tasks.

The very budget-friendly price of the Oster Accurate Blend 200 (starting at $22, Amazon) notwithstanding, reviews attest this is a reliable countertop blender. Users who have posted feedback on sites such as Amazon, where the average rating sits above 4 stars, commend the consistent performance on smoothies and vegetable purées, with several asserting it bests pricier Ninja models. Other Oster Accurate Blend 200 reviews crow about daily problem-free service for large families with a hankering for smoothies and shakes. Users rely on it to grind coffee beans, blend glazes and marinades, chop kale, and crush ice. Many admit being surprised by the overall quality, including the thick glass pitcher.

But as with all multi-serve blenders in this price range, praise is not universal. Critics make their case with reports of lumpy blends, needing to stop the action to dislodge ingredients stuck to the sides or bottom, leaking from around the lid and near the blade, and shaking at higher speeds.

The Oster 6694 Accurate Blend 200 sports 14 speeds, from mincing and stirring to blending and creaming, as well as ice crush and pulse modes. The button controls are managed by on/off and high/low switches and powered by a 700-watt motor that drops from its peak to 450 watts for blending. There's a four-tip stainless steel blade in an all-metal drive that's backed by a 10-year warranty. (The blender as a whole comes with a three-year "satisfaction" guarantee.) The 48-ounce glass pitcher is shatterproof and dishwasher-safe, and features measuring marks, by cup, up the side. A removable cap in the lid lets users add ingredients while the blender is in motion and accurately measures up to 2 ounces for add-ins such as lemon juice or a shot of alcohol.

A countertop blender of this quality at such a low price is hard to pass by -- even with its occasional hiccups. It keeps smoothie addicts happy and gives home cooks an efficient assist for tasks such as grating, shredding, and grinding.

Maralyn Edid

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