Black & Decker BL1130SG FusionBlade Review


Think Twice
The Black & Decker FusionBlade lags the competition in performance and power for the price, with 550 watts instead of 700, although some users are satisfied, saying this model does what's expected.

Middling reviews trail in the wake of the Black & Decker BL1130SG FusionBlade (starting at $25, Amazon). It earns an average of 3 stars out of 5 on Amazon and the Walmart website, where some users write that the countertop blender does a decent job processing smoothies, crushing ice, mixing dips, and crumbling cookie wafers -- the types of tasks that cheaper blenders are meant to do. In general, they consider this an acceptable small kitchen appliance.

Other reviewers are less impressed. They cite problems that largely fall into two categories: insufficient power and build-quality issues. Contents aren't thoroughly blended, resulting in chunky rather than smooth drinks, for example, or ingredients clump around the blades and require quick action with a spoon to loosen them. The whip function leaves liquid swirling at the bottom, one user says, while another asserts that peppers and garlic are beyond the FusionBlade's capacity. Some say the motor seems to strain even with light use and others report that it conked out completely after a few weeks. The gasket also gives users fits, according to reviews. There are a number of comments about contents leaking out from around the blade assembly, and one consumer warns it's possible to screw in the blade without it sealing properly.

Features on the Black & Decker BL1130SG FusionBlade don't quite match those of the best blenders in this price class. There are 12 speeds, starting at stir and ending at ice crush, with the usual assortment in between (e.g., mix, blend, chop, liquefy), plus the option to pulse. The motor hits 550 watts at peak power, unlike the top choices on our list, which max out at 700 watts. The stainless steel blade has two tips versus four on the best cheap blenders. The 48-ounce glass jar displays cup measurements along the side and can accommodate hot liquids. The lid has a 1-ounce removable cap for measuring and dribbling in ingredients. The cord can be neatly stored and all removable parts are dishwasher-safe. This model comes with a two-year warranty.

Users like the sleek look of the FusionBlade but aren't sold on its performance. At this price it's an okay buy, but given the other options, think twice before putting one in your cart.

Maralyn Edid

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