Sony BDP-S580



There are plenty of reasons to like the Sony BDP-S580, including its price, built-in Wi-Fi, and support for 3D video. Experts and users praise the player for the wide selection of streaming services, although a few report occasional struggles when streaming Netflix video.

Although this inexpensive Blu-ray boasts a number of strong points, Sony BDP-S580 reviews by experts and users come with a few caveats. At Gadget Review and CNET, Sony BDP-S580 reviews state that the web browser and array of streaming services are most welcome, but the former cautions that attention must be paid when aiming the remote and the latter considers the interface "tedious" to use. Video performance comes in for high praise in a Sony BDP-S580 review by PC Mag, where 3D playback is commended for its smooth display and the absence of juddering effects. Speed is another stand-out quality, the Sony BDP-S580 review continues, noting that regular Blu-ray discs load in less than 5 seconds with Quick Start enabled, although BD-Live discs can take more than a painstakingly slow minute to load. Most Amazon Sony BDP-S580 reviews report that the BDP-S580 streams content well, although some users report experiencing problems streaming Netflix content and gripe about the lack of features such as closed captioning.

The Sony BDP-S580 (starting at $131, Amazon) has more input and output options than most low-cost Blu-ray players, including a component output along with the familiar HDMI and Ethernet ports and two USB ports. The player comes with built-in Wi-Fi and can play back 3D content. It supports Dolby True HD and DTS-HD and streaming services include Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Slacker, and Pandora.

Sony's BDP-S580 is a good, solid player at a reasonable price. It loads most Blu-ray discs very quickly, but be aware that BD-Live discs may take considerably longer. Although most users find that streaming performance is above average, several users report problems streaming Netflix content -- a common complaint about budget Blu-ray players in general.

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