Vizio VBR122 Review


Think Twice

Although consumers report the Vizio VBR122 is a cinch to set up, many say the streaming feature disappoints because the player often freezes up during playback. Users generally like the keyboard on the back side of the remote.

Vizio makes a lot of good, low-priced TVs but hasn't quite mastered the ability to produce a good, low-priced Blu-ray player. A Vizio VBR122 review at Tech Hive comments approvingly on the image quality and the remote control with a keyboard built into its back side. However, the review continues, the remote is small and feels uncomfortable in the hand and set up with this Blu-ray player is more difficult than with other models. Other flaws pointed out by Vizio VBR122 reviews include the comparatively slow load speeds and the lack of 3D support despite its $120 starting price. At Amazon and Walmart, consumers' Vizio VBR122 reviews indicate they, too, like the keyboard on the remote, which makes typing in search terms a snap, but many grouse that playback is unreliable: video often freezes, skips, appears ragged, or doesn't display at all; streaming services don't always work; and response time for online apps is slow. Some Vizio VBR122 reviews also assert that the player's lifespan is extremely limited, as in days or weeks.

The Vizio VBR122 (starting at $120, Amazon) features a built-in Wi-Fi connection as well as an HDMI port, a USB port, and an Ethernet port. You can also connect the player to your stereo system using the player's audio optical output. The player does not support 3D playback but provides access to a few streaming services, such as Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and YouTube. The player supports Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD, among other common formats, for surround sound playback.

The profusion of user complaints about video freezing and other assorted snafus is enough to make us steer clear of this model. Moreover, the price seems high given the Vizio VBR122's performance record and lack of 3D support. You don't have to spend much more for a good 3D Blu-ray player, and if your interests are strictly along the lines of Blu-ray and DVD playback, you can spend quite a bit less for a more basic and reliable player.

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