Oppo Digital BDP-93 Review


At $500, the Oppo Digital BDP-93 may deter bargain shoppers, but it's an exceptional Blu-ray player for the price. More than one Oppo Digital BDP-93 review praises the BDP-93 for its outstanding color quality, contrast, and black levels. The player loads discs very quickly, according to reviews, and it's easy to set up and operate. An expert Oppo Digital BDP-93 review at Home Theater Review gripes about the limited streaming video services offered by the BDP-93 but nonetheless assigns the player a top rating. This Oppo Digital BDP-93 review says the model is well-built (it boasts a steel chassis and aluminum front panel), the internal mechanisms are very quiet, and the remote control has just the right amount of responsiveness. Consumers who posted Oppo Digital BDP-93 reviews at Amazon agree wholeheartedly; more than 80 percent of the 200-plus consumers who commented about the Oppo Digital BDP-93 five it a five-star billing. One user after another gushes over the superb video and audio quality, the ease of set up, and the sturdy build. We found little grumbling about the minimal streaming options but a bit about the price tag -- several users grouse that image quality isn't any different from what you see on cheaper models.

The Oppo Digital BDP-93 (starting at $500, Amazon) has more features than you'll find in a budget Blu-ray. For starters, there are two HDMI ports instead of the usual one, as well as two USB ports, an Ethernet port, an external wireless adapter to connect to your wireless network, 2GB of internal storage, and an eSata port that lets you connect an external hard drive to the player if 2GB of storage just isn't enough. This model can play back just about any kind of disc you set in the tray, including SACDs and DVD-Audio discs, formats that appeal to audiophiles and support for which is fairly rare. Of course, the BDP-93 is also a 3D Blu-ray player. If there's a weak spot, you'll find it in the rather small number of streaming services the BDP-93 supports, currently limited to Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Blockbuster, and Pandora.

Folks who watch lots of high-def movies at home often have a fancy home theater system. The Oppo Digital BDP-93 will fit in nicely with all set-ups but the priciest. The paltry streaming options are a bit of a drawback, but if you're looking for high-end video quality without spending thousands of dollars on equipment, the BDP-93 is the Blu-ray player for you.

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