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Among the strengths of the LG BP620 are its ability to load discs quickly, solid Wi-Fi connections, Smart TV functionality, and an easy-to-manage interface. Experts and users are sold on this budget model despite some shortcomings, like no Amazon Instant streaming.

The LG BP620 is a competitively-priced Blu-ray player with features and performance that users appreciate and experts praise. PC Mag is sufficiently impressed to name this model an Editor's Choice. This expert LG BP620 review raves about the speed at which the player loads discs -- about 21 seconds, which passes for lightning fast in the budget end of the market. Even loading BD-Live discs, which is always a slower process, proceeds at a rapid clip; PC Mag pegs the time to get one up and running at just over 30 seconds, compared to the minute or so most lower-priced Blu-ray players need to load BD-Live discs. CNET says the user interface is well-designed and the player does a top-notch job of streaming Netflix content. But take note, the LG BP620 review continues, this model doesn't support Amazon's streaming services, which seems like a curious omission given the many other streaming services in its arsenal. One user who posted a LG BP620 review at Amazon likewise laments the lack of support for Amazon streaming and another gripes that the wireless couldn't connect to Netflix; a few complain about difficulty getting the BP620 to play nicely with their home networks. Still, excellent picture quality in 2D and 3D, an array of Internet and Smart TV apps, quick set up, and compact size win over the majority of consumers, according to LG BP620 reviews at Best Buy.

The LG BP620 (starting at $139, Amazon) is a 3D player with built-in Wi-Fi, an HDMI port, Ethernet port, optical digital audio output, and a USB port. The BP620 supports the usual array of audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Streaming services include Netflix, Pandora, Vudu, YouTube, CinemaNow, and Hulu Plus. You can also stream content from your PC to the player thanks to its DLNA support. Additionally, a compatible smart phone can be used to control the device.

If you hate waiting for Blu-ray discs to load, you'll like the speed of the LG BP620 -- it's one of the fastest-loading low-cost players currently on the market. The LG BP620 is easy to use and includes a good selection of streaming services. We noticed a handful of complaints about streaming or network connectivity problems, but most users seem well satisfied with this Blu-ray player.

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