Samsung HM1900 Review


A mere $20 is all it takes to acquire the Samsung HM1900, a true entry-level Bluetooth headset. And according to Samsung HM1900 reviews, users consider this model a value buy. Comments posted at Walmart mention decent sound (though not necessarily in a noisy gym, one user cautions), ease of setup and operation, a pleasingly low profile, and a battery with a respectable life. These views are generally echoed in Samsung HM1900 reviews at Amazon even as some report slight discomfort in the ear, choppy audio, and occasional malfunctions and other build-quality problems (e.g., randomly muted calls, fragile ear piece).

The Samsung HM1900 (starting at $20, Amazon) supports A2DP music streaming and multipoint technology for pairing with two devices. It can deliver voice prompts in Spanish in addition to English; prompts include connection status and battery-recharge alerts. The headset recharges through a microUSB port and the battery is rated for 4.5 hours of talk time. It includes three interchangeable soft gel eartips and two ear hooks, which improve the chances of finding a combination that fits. This budget model weighs 9 grams.

It's hard to refute the value proposition presented by the Samsung HM1900. Sound quality and noise cancellation are decent, though not outstanding. The features are basic but include the must-haves. The HM1900 is practical and cheap -- a good combination for budget shoppers who occasionally need a hands-free way to communicate.

Michael Sweet

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