Moving Comfort Fiona Review



Best Cheap Sports Bra. This sports bra can accommodate women of all cup sizes, providing support during intense runs, aerobic activity, or casual weight lifting. Unlike on most sports bras, the straps and band are adjustable.

According to a Moving Comfort Fiona review on, this sports bra scored big among a group of testers -- marathon runners with C and D cups -- for its support, comfort, and ability to wick away sweat. Consumers posting reviews at Amazon have found that the bra provides excellent support for high-impact activities and holds the bust in place without constricting the ribs and making it harder to breathe, as other sports bras are wont to do.

Most sports bras must be pulled on over the head, so many women posting Moving Comfort Fiona reviews on the brand's website are pleasantly surprised that this one offers a hook-and-eye closure in the back, making it simpler to put on and take off. Sizes 32 to 38 have three hooks and sizes 40 to 44 have four hooks for additional support. The Moving Comfort Fiona (starting at $24, Amazon) is made from patented DriLayer X-Support fabric, which is 88% polyester and 12% Lycra. It has molded cups and a leotard strap design that is adjustable in the front.

Such features make the Moving Comfort Fiona a standout in the sports bra category. Reviewers appreciate that you don't have to peel off the bra after a sweaty workout; you can simply unhook the back closure. The adjustable band and straps are uncommon and welcome amid all the too-tight elastic on other sports bras. Women posting Moving Comfort Fiona reviews on numerous sites rave about the bra's comfort and support and award it almost universally high ratings, making this sports bra our No. 1 pick.

Raechel Conover

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