Elita Les Essentiels Crossover Cami Review


Think Twice

This cheap bra is the only one our list that can't be adjusted in any way. There's no back closure; you pull the bra over your head to put it on. Consumers seem put off by the sizing, saying the fit just isn't good and the band tends to be too tight, causing unsightly "back fat."

This style (No. 6200) is touted in marketing copy as Good Housekeeping's pick for the best supporting bra without underwire, although we didn't find any indication of that on the magazine's website, and consumers criticize the fit in Elita Les Essentiels Crossover Cami reviews on Her Room. The bra is meant for women with smaller chests; it comes in sizes 32, 34, and 36, and reviews warn that it seems to run small. It's 92 percent cotton and only 8 percent Lycra, and some consumers find that it doesn't have enough elasticity and fits too snugly -- especially given that you have to pull it over your head to get it on. Among the few women who have posted reviews on Amazon, one finds the bra comfortable but another gripes that the material doesn't have enough give; one strap broke when she put it on.

The Elita Les Essentiels Crossover Cami (starting at $16, Amazon) is the most basic of bras. There's no underwire and no back closure. Neither the band nor the straps can be adjusted, which irks some users posting Elita Les Essentiels Crossover Cami reviews. The bra is seamless and has thin spaghetti straps. Women posting reviews at Her Room like how the straps look under tank tops and sheer clothing.

Given that there's no way to adjust the straps or the band to make this bra fit better, it's unlikely to work for many women. On top of that, consumers complain that it doesn't run true to size. In our estimation, this budget style lacks too many features to be worth your while. There are better bras out there that offer the comfort, support, and price that frugal consumers are seeking.

Raechel Conover

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