Carnival Seamless Push-Up Bra Review


Think Twice

We didn't find a lot of reviews of this budget bra, but those we did encounter were generally negative; even the positive comments nearly always come with caveats. Consumers report that the fit is wrong and the bra is just plain uncomfortable. Other women say they've had problems with the underwire popping out the side.

With so many women allegedly wearing the wrong size bra, it's no surprise that gripes about fit turn up in reviews of most styles. But even satisfied customers air complaints in Carnival Seamless Push-Up Bra reviews. At Her Room, some consumers posting reviews find the cups too small, the band too tight, and the straps too thin and uncomfortable. Others complain of gapping where the straps meet the cups -- a problem the reviewer says she faces often with push-up bras -- and a ripple in the front of the bra (in a response to that review, a Carnival representative suggests the wearer may need a different size). Only a few women have posted reviews on Amazon, but they are resoundingly negative. One consumer declares the bra unattractive and odd-fitting; another cites stiff, inelastic straps and inadequate coverage; and a third reports that the underwire on all three of the bras she ordered poked through during the first wear.

The Carnival Seamless Push-Up Bra (style No. 504) (starting at $17, Amazon) is constructed of a combination of nylon and spandex, a mix that some women posting at Her Room say helps the bra fit comfortably. It uses both underwire and graduated padding in the cups to create a light push-up effect some consumers appreciate. The bra has a standard camisole strap design and hook-and-eye closure, with two hooks and three sets of eyes. The cups on this bra are seamless.

In general, Carnival Seamless Push-Up Bra reviews -- even positive ones -- comment on poor fit and a lack of durability. With no unalloyed raves to balance out the negative reviews, this push-up bra doesn't seem to have much to recommend it.

Raechel Conover

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