Medela Harmony Review



For a cheap manual breast pump, the Medela Harmony is pretty mighty -- some users prefer it to their double electric breast pumps. This model is small, portable, and efficient. Breast shields of different sizes can be purchased separately and the pump can be upgraded to an electric version with a conversion kit.

For a single, manual breast pump users at sure love the Medela Harmony saying it is capable of producing the same if not more milk than a powered breast pump. A user at Amazon agrees saying she was able to pump much more milk with this pump than a competitor and she also noted how comfortable it is. Meanwhile, at Associated Content a Medela Harmony reviewer points out that the pump was so comfortable she wasn't even sure it was working at first.

The Medela Harmony is a single manual breast pump that comes with one size breast shield, however additional sizes can be purchased if needed. Since it is manual, the speed and suction are set by the user and there is no power source needed. The pump comes with two, five ounce bottles, a bottle stand, two solid lids and a travel cap. Additionally, this low cost breast pump can be turned into an electric pump with a Symphony or Lactina conversion kit.

We love that this pump can be converted to a powered pump if needed. We also like that users love this manual pump which is rare for a budget manual breast pump. Comfort and the ability to express a lot of milk are highlights for users. Overall we think if you're going for a manual cheap breast pump, this is the one to try.

Raechel Conover

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