Simplisse Manual Breastfeeding Companion Review



Excelling in comfort, milk letdown, and fast milk expression, the Simplisse Manual Breastfeeding Companion is a hit with most users. This is a single manual breast pump and about as basic as you can get: the user controls the speed and there are no extra accessories. Instead of breast shields, the Simplisse Manual Breastfeeding Companion uses a soft breast cup that conforms to any breast size and moves with the breast as the baby nurses.

It's all about comfort with the Simplisse Manual Breastfeeding Companion. The Fashionable Housewife says on her blog, The Fashionable Housewife that this cheap breast pump is soft and doesn't pinch, while a user at agrees saying it's a totally comfortable pumping experience with no tugging or pulling. Amazon users also say the pump is efficient and gets a lot of milk in a short amount of time in Simplisse Manual Breastfeeding Companion reviews.

As a single manual breast pump, the Simplisse Manual Breastfeeding Companion uses a soft breast cup that conforms to different breast sizes rather than using a breast shield. Speed and suction are manually set by the user and there is no power source as this is a manual breast pump. Additionally, this is the cheapest breast pump on our list, and is very, very basic. In fact it doesn't come with any extras.

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We like that this budget breast pump uses a slightly different technology in the form of breast cups rather than breast shields. This allows for a truly one size fits all experience since the cup shapes itself to the users breast. Users also really like the breast cup commenting often on how comfortable this low cost breast pump truly is. We would recommend trying out this manual breast pump if money is really tight.

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