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This second generation pocket-size Flip Mino HD is compact, easy to use, and captures very good quality HD video. More expensive than other budget pocket camcorders, it's a big hit with professional reviewers and users who appreciate the HDMI port and 8GB of internal memory, two improvements over the first generation Flip Mino HD.

Flip Video's Flip MinoHD (starting at $199, Amazon) hits it big with both expert reviewers and consumers. A Flip MinoHD review on Tech Hive concludes it's the best pocket camcorder available that can shoot video in HD. Walmart customers who bought the MinoHD give it four or five stars, raving about its ease of use. The Flip MinoHD review on Wired.com also rates this budget camcorder highly, and approvingly notes the MinoHD's metal body and good battery life.

The MinoHD can record up to 120 minutes of video to its 8GB of internal memory. The camcorder uses a 2-inch LCD and records video at a high-definition 720p resolution. Although lacking an optical zoom lens, the MinoHD does have a 2X digital zoom, which is typical for a budget pocket camcorder. One of this camcorder's most appealing features is its HDMI port, which is the best connection for high-definition video. The MinoHD runs on a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

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The Flip MinoHD is a well-crafted device that does a good job of recording high-quality video. Its only drawback may be the price, which is considerably more expensive than most pocket camcorders. Still, if you're looking for a small budget camcorder that you can take anywhere, this is one of the best out there.

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