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The Kodak Zx1 is a good inexpensive pocket camcorder if you love the outdoors: its tough, rugged design can withstand wet weather, and it captures HD video. It includes a mini-HDMI port and a 2X digital zoom (but no optical zoom), and records video to SD/SDHC flash cards.

Kodak's Zx1 (starting at $99, Amazon) has a lot of appeal for users who want a budget pocket camcorder that can stand some abuse. The Zx1 receives a Very Good rating from Kodak Kz1 reviews at CNET, which is praised for its rugged, rubberized design and ease of use. Users posting Zx1 reviews on Amazon appreciate the Zx1's durability and video quality, as well as its HDMI port. However, some users report that the Zx1's audio could be better, a common complaint about budget pocket camcorders.

The Zx1 is a high-definition pocket camcorder that records video at a resolution of 720p. Like the Flip MinoHD, the Zx1 has an HDMI port to transfer video to a high-def television. This Kodak pocket camcorder includes 128MB of built-in memory, but also has a flash card slot for SD/SDHC cards. The Zx1 has no optical zoom, but does feature a 2X digital zoom.

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The Zx1 is the perfect budget pocket camcorder for those who love the outdoors. It's a durable camcorder that saves your videos in high-def and still manages to remain affordable. We also like that it uses SD/SDHC flash cards, which aren't terribly expensive and can store large amounts of video.

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