Samsung SMX-C10GN Review


Reviews for Samsung's inexpensive SMX-C10GN are sparse, but we did find several comments from Best Buy customers who, for the most part, seem to like this full-size camcorder. Some Samsung SMX-C10GN reviews on Best Buy praise the camcorder's ease of use and say it shoots good-quality video, and one user mentions how light this model is. Other users posting on the site offer up complaints, such as noting that the focus could work better, the battery life is a little short, and video quality suffers when recorded in low-light conditions.

The Samsung SMX-C10GN (starting at $200, Amazon) is yet another budget camcorder that records video to SD/SDHC memory cards. It has a 10X optical zoom and a 1200X digital zoom, and records video in standard definition (720 x 480). This model also has a 2.7-inch LCD, as do most budget full-size camcorders, as well as image stabilization.

The SMX-C10GN's price, at less than $200, is certainly attractive. We like the fact that it has image stabilization, although its 10X zoom seems low compared to that of the Sony DCR-DVD650 (60X) and the Canon FS200 (37X). Complaints about this budget camcorder's focus make us hesitant to jump on this deal, however.

Michael Sweet

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