Advantage Review


Think Twice

Unfortunately, there are few advantages to renting with this company, least of all seemingly low prices that rise quickly with extra fees. Advantage maintains airport locations, which are generally pricier and more aggravating to deal with.

Advantage Rent A Car puts you at a disadvantage, according to the vast majority of Advantage reviews. The first problem is the company's locations -- mainly at airports with the lots often at remote or isolated sites, sometimes even in sketchy neighborhoods, says a review on Yelp. A related problem is the paucity of shuttle buses to ferry customers to and from the airport; some Advantage Rent A Car reviews complain about long waits (30 minutes and counting) for a bus. Perhaps the biggest turn-off, assert reviews on sites like and, are end costs that often soar above the initial quote for unexplained charges, unrequested insurance, and forced upgrades because the reserved model was unavailable. Consumers loudly pan this cheap rental car company in reviews on for heavy bait and switch tactics.

What attracts customers to Advantage are the cheap rates. But for that you pay dearly in the form of skeletal crews, aggressive sales tactics, and long waits before you actually get to the vehicle. Consumers posting Advantage Rent A Car reviews on Rateitall call both customer service and convenience a joke, noting issues like rude and poorly trained agents, vehicle shortages, surprise charges, and forced upgrades. The barebones website seems as minimalist as the rest of the operation.

While we recognize that customers who have had a bad experience may be more motivated to write a nasty review, we were hard-pressed to find more than a handful of positive reviews for Advantage. Other rental car companies suffered their share of dings from consumers, but at a far lower level of intensity. So if you're tempted by the advertised rates, you might want to think twice before forging ahead.

Maralyn Edid

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