Purina One Smartblend Adult Variety Review



BEST DRY CAT FOOD. Reviewers say even picky cats enjoy this protein-rich formula with its fair share of carbs. Purina One Smartblend is a good choice for multiple cat households and the low price is an added bonus.

One respondent to our informal poll of favorite cat foods likened Purina One Smartblend to a preferred premium brand but for its cheaper price. Indeed, other Purina One Smartblend Adult Variety reviews also trumpet the low price while touting the strong cat appeal. The best thing about this dry cat food, say reviews at Walmart and Amazon, are the two happy customers -- pet and master. Several reviewers note that all the many cats in their care readily scarf it down and other cat food reviews cite health benefits that accrue after switching to this product -- a pet that no longer throws up, for example, and a once portly feline that's now in fit and fighting trim.

Purina One Smartblend Adult Variety comes in two taste combinations: salmon & tuna and chicken & rice. (There are also dry formulas for kittens, mature cats, and indoor cats, and for hairball control and for cats with sensitive digestive systems.) The top ingredient in the adult variety Smartblend is real salmon or real chicken, followed by brewers rice, corn gluten meal, and poultry byproduct meal, making for a solid dose of protein and a noticeable concentration of carbohydrates. The guaranteed analysis puts the crude protein at a minimum 34 percent for both flavors and crude fiber at a maximum 2 percent for chicken & rice and 2.5 percent for salmon & tuna; the minimum crude fat is 13 percent and maximum moisture is 12 percent in each of the two products.

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Although the specialized formulas may not always resolve the problems they're intended to address (one Purina One Smartblend reviewer says the Indoor Advantage variety didn't help much with hairballs or obesity), this dry cat food in its various incarnations is definitely a cat pleaser. And its budget price makes for contented cat owners as well.

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