Taste of the Wild Feline Formula Review



BEST DRY CAT FOOD. Top-of-the-line ingredients at an affordable price appeal to many owners who say the grain-free and high-quality protein recipe keeps cats healthy. Not readily available at the supermarket, Taste of the Wild loyalists find it online or at pet supply stores. (Note: Some batches of this brand were voluntarily recalled during spring 2012. Check this site for details.)

Note: Some batches of this cat food were voluntarily recalled during spring 2012. Check this site for details.

Some people who responded to our informal poll switched to Taste of the Wild Feline Formula because it's less costly than a premium vet-recommended dry cat food and the ingredients put their hearts and minds at ease. A Taste of the Wild cat food review at 1-800-PetMeds says this grain-free dry food is a winner with both cat and owner and another review reports that a cat who previously eschewed dry food took to this product quite well. Other cat food reviews point to the absence of grains in the formula as a big plus, especially for cats with allergies or sensitive intestinal tracts. At Pet Food Talk owners comment about noticeable improvements in cats' coat, energy level, and digestion after switching from other brands. Indeed, the perceived health benefits from a grain-free diet surface frequently in reviews at sites such as Chewy.com and Only Natural Pet Store.

Taste of the Wild Feline Formula dry cat food comes in two flavors: Canyon River, made with trout, salmon, and sweet potato, and Rocky Mountain, made with venison, salmon, peas, and sweet potato. The Canyon River formula contains a minimum 32 percent protein and the Rocky Mountain formula boasts a minimum 42 percent protein; both contain either fish meal or chicken meal with additional protein derived from plants. With no grain in the recipe, fruits and vegetables deliver the carbohydrates.

The combination of budget price and quality product wins over some of the most discerning cat owners. Taste of the Wild Feline Formula is one of few grain-free dry cat foods that falls into the cheap basket.

Elizabeth Sheer

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