Korbel Brut Review

Think Twice

Korbel Brut is widely available and often put forward as a cheap sparkling wine. Many consumers complain of a tart, short finish and a sour, plastic-like aftertaste, although some consider it acceptable for champagne cocktails.

Described in Korbel Brut reviews on Cellar Tracker as just OK, this sparkling wine seems to appeal to consumers who don't care so much about the taste. They just want a base for a mimosa or something bubbly to sip by the pool at 5 p.m. Otherwise Korbel Brut (starting at $10) finds scant support from consumer reviewers, who indicate that it doesn't pass the special occasion test. Several insist the taste is a bit flat and sour, and very short on the finish.

Korbel Brut is made in California from a combination of organic French Colombard, Chardonnay, and Sangiovese grapes picked between August and September. The traditional methode Champenoise is used for fermentation because it's better suited to organic grapes. One consumer who posted a review at Snooth describes this as a soft wine while others say it's noticeably sweet with a tart finish. Again, most of these reviewers consider it merely adequate.

While Korbel Brut may have some marketing leverage with its base of organic grapes (the winery is certified as an organic processor), the product leaves a bit to be desired. Neither experts nor consumers are wowed by this cheap champagne and say it doesn't pack the impressive punch that our top picks do.

Emily Lugg

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