Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Review



Users award the Mr. Coffee IDS77 high marks for reliability, features, and ease of use. Unlike other cheap coffee grinders, Mr. Coffee IDS77 offers three grind settings (find, medium, and course) and a "cleaning system" that removes much of the excess residue from the grinding chamber, which can go into a dishwasher.

Mr. Coffee IDS77 reviews are generally positive, with a few dissensions. Many users at Walmart report that the IDS77 is a great grinder, although one was annoyed that grinding residue got stuck at the bottom of the grinding cup and another was disappointed with the cleaning system. A user at Amazon praises the Mr. Coffee, noting that the grind and cup quantity settings take the guesswork out of using a blade grinder. On a contrary note, one Amazon user notes that this grinder is not good at producing a coarse grind for a French press coffee maker.

The Mr. Coffee IDS77 coffee grinder (starting at $18, Amazon) is a blade grinder that has the capacity to grind enough beans for 4-12 cups of coffee. This grinder has three different grind settings: course, medium, and fine. It also has a "chamber maid" cleaning system that consists of three plastic bars that move around the grinding chamber to remove residue. The grinding chamber is removable and dishwasher safe. It also has a flip-top lid that makes it easy to pour out the coffee grinds.

Mr. Coffee IDS77 is a well-designed coffee grinder with some interesting and useful features not found in other low-budget grinders. We can easily recommend this coffee grinder.

Maralyn Edid

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