Jura Capresso 501 Cool Grind Review



The Capresso 501 Cool Grind features a large grinding chamber and low-heat motor that grinds more slowly than other discount coffee grinders, two design elements that help preserve the beans' aromatic taste. Users confirm this model is key to a great-tasting brew.

A user review at the Home Cooking in Montana blog notes that that large capacity of the Capresso 501 Cool Grind (starting at $20, Amazon) reduces heat build-up when grinding, and thus helps preserve the coffee aroma. A user at Cooking.com notes that the Capresso 501 Cool Grind grinds coffee to a good consistency. The site Coffee Grinder Review recommends this model as an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a high quality grinder at an affordable price. The Capresso 501 Cool Grind coffee grinder is larger and heftier than most of the other low-budget coffee grinders, but it grinds enough beans to fill a large pot of coffee, and the extra capacity keeps heat build-up to a minimum. This model also has a longer grind time than other grinders, which helps it maintain a lower temperature. If you use this for spices, get a second grinder.

The Capresso 501 Cool Grind coffee grinder gets positive reviews across the board. For an inexpensive way to produce large amounts of evenly ground, aromatic coffee, we highly recommend the Capresso 501 Cool Grind.

Maralyn Edid

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