Toastmaster 1119 Review



Consumers say the Toastmaster 1119 is a durable, effective grinder that's particularly useful for grinding flax and other types of seeds; grinding coffee beans seems almost like an afterthought.

The Toastmaster 1119 Push Button Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder (starting at $12, Amazon) receives mixed reviews from users. Generally users are very happy with this model as a spice grinder. Users at Amazon,, and Coffee Drinkers Heaven report that it works great for grinding flax seeds. When it comes to grinding coffee beans, however, the reviews are more mixed. Some users at these same sites report that the Toastmaster is a simple, durable coffee grinder, but others find it loud, messy, and difficult to clean.

The Toastmaster 1119 Push Button Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder is a durable grinder suitable for both coffee beans and seeds. It has stainless steel blades and the capacity to grind enough beans for eight cups of coffee. It has a push-button control and a convenient tuck-away cord to help safe space on your counter. While we can give this Toastmaster grinder a high recommendation for grinding flax seeds and other types of spices and nuts, we have to give it a somewhat qualified recommendation for grinding coffee.

Maralyn Edid

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