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Hamilton Beach 80365
Where to Buy Hamilton Beach 80365

The Hamilton Beach 80365 (starting at $17, Amazon) garners some mixed reviews from users. One user at Epinions describes this low budget grinder as a nice little grinder that gets the job done. Another positive review comes from Target user who reports that this grinder works perfectly for producing a coarse grind for a French press coffee maker. This user reveals that shaking the device while grinding yields the best result. Many users at Amazon, however, are not so forgiving. These users report that the 80365 does not grind evenly, and one complains that even the most coarse setting produces some large chunks of coffee beans and some dust.

The Hamilton Beach 80365 is the only low-budget coffee grinder we reviewed that allows hand-free operation. With this grinder, you can choose the appropriate grinding settings and simply start the grinding; the machine will determine the grinding time for you. This grinder comes with a removable chamber for easy filling and washing; it is dishwasher safe. This grinder has a capacity to grind enough beans for 12 cups of coffee.

The Hamilton Beach 80365 coffee grinder is reportedly easy to use and easy to clean. While some users are dissatisfied, others are very pleased with this product. If the ease-of-use appeals to you, this grinder is worth a try.

by Maralyn Edid (Google+ Profile) – September 6, 2012
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