Black & Decker Brew 'n Go Personal DCM18S Review


For its very low price, many reviewers opine you can’t go wrong with the compact, fast, and easy-to-use Black & Decker Brew ‘n Go (starting at $18; available on Amazon). Pour water into the reservoir, put the filter in the basket, and add coffee. The appliance then brews directly into a 15-ounce thermal travel mug. (If that's more than you typically drink, you can always make less by cutting down the amounts of ground coffee and water.)

Black & Decker claims that the Brew ‘n Go DCM18 brews at the optimal temperature, although the manufacturer doesn’t say what that temperature is. In reviews, many users report that the resulting coffee is quite hot enough, and others find it necessary to use hot water in the machine for that ideal temperature to be reached.

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While some users appreciate the permanent filter that comes with the unit, others use paper cone filters for easier cleanup and to ensure that no grounds get through or clog the machine. Some reviewers, including one posting on Amazon, also maintain that paper filters help slow down the brewing process and produce a stronger cup of coffee. If even that is too much work, the Brew ‘n Go takes soft coffee pods (the kind that are meant for non-pressurized pod brewers, such as Senseo brewing systems). It also doubles as a hot water dispenser for tea, oatmeal, or instant soup.

Cleanup is simple: Only the filter and filter basket need to be cleaned. The machine is less than 7 inches wide and a bit more than 10 inches high, a size ideal for apartment kitchens, say reviewers on Overstock. Many reviewers posting on the manufacturer's website say they've had Black & Decker Brew ‘n Go coffee makers last for years, but others say their machines failed to outlive the one-year warranty.

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