Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit Review


This 12-cup machine (model No. 48464) doesn't come with a carafe, instead holding the coffee in an internal thermal tank so you can fill a mug directly from the spout. Consumers appreciate that they don't have to worry about breaking a glass carafe, although many complain of spills.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation reviews indicate that much of the appeal of these machines lies in their carafe-less design. The 48464 model stores 12 cups of coffee in an internal thermal tank, rather than in a pot, and dispenses the coffee directly into a mug. The tank and filter basket lift out for washing. Numerous consumers note in reviews that the coffee doesn't taste burned because it's not sitting on a hotplate. This model can be adjusted to turn off automatically after anywhere from zero to four hours, where most other cheap coffee makers, including those on our list, stay on for no longer than two hours. According to reviews at hhgregg, the coffee inside the tank stays hot and tastes good for the full four hours.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit 48464 (starting at $47, Amazon) can be set to four different brewing modes: regular, bold (for stronger flavor without having to add more grounds), iced, and 1-4 cups (for optimum brewing of smaller batches). The BrewStation Summit uses a basket filter and, like an ordinary automatic-drip coffee maker, has a reservoir that must be filled with water. At almost 17 inches high, this coffee maker is taller than many other models, which means that users generally have to move it out from under cabinets to lift the lid and get to the reservoir. Several consumers who have posted Hamilton Beach BrewStation reviews at Amazon note that you also have to lift out the tank and filter basket, which they find irksome.

Where to buy

One red flag: We found evidence of spills and leakage in Hamilton Beach BrewStation reviews on multiple sites. Consumers posit various explanations for this at Amazon and elsewhere. Some point to condensation on the inside that drips when you open up the coffee maker to fill the reservoir, or to a hole in the back that drains water if you overfill the reservoir. More than one reviewer notes the importance of cleaning the coffee maker regularly to help prevent leaks.

While issues sometimes arise, many people seem to be repeat buyers of Hamilton Beach BrewStation machines, picking them up for their offices, their relatives, and anywhere or anyone else in need of a good budget coffee maker.

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