Mr. Coffee JWX27 Review


This 12-cup, programmable coffee maker heats water close to the ideal temperature, according to experts, and has a setting for making stronger coffee. It also features a cleaning cycle and water filtration.

For the price, this model represents a good value, users say in Mr. Coffee JWX27 reviews. It's a programmable, 12-cup coffee maker that experts credit with the ability to heat water to 195 degrees for optimal brewing. An expert reviewer at HowStuffWorks found that the average temperature of the resulting coffee was 178 degrees. Users posting reviews on a consumer products testing site confirm that the machine brews good, hot coffee. Some consumers commenting at Sears and Walmart gripe that the brew cycle takes a particularly long time. Others appreciate that the machine keeps coffee hot for the full two hours that the plate under the carafe stays on.

Consumers posting Mr. Coffee JWX27 reviews at Walmart comment that it's easy to open the coffee maker, load the grounds, and empty the filter basket. This budget machine also boasts a few convenient features. A brew-strength selector lets you opt to have the water go through somewhat more slowly to make a stronger cup of coffee without having to add more grounds. The machine also comes with an indicator that lets you know when it's time to clean the coffee maker. A dedicated cleaning cycle removes mineral deposits using white household vinegar (or a branded cleaner that is sold separately). According to the manufacturer, a water filtration system removes up to 97% of the chlorine, which can mar the taste of coffee. Consumers who have posted reviews on Amazon appreciate that it's easy to clean the glass carafe and the filter basket, which are top-rack dishwasher-safe.

The Mr. Coffee JWX27 (starting at $35, Amazon) is 14 inches tall, so users often have to pull it out from under cabinets to lift the lid and get to the water reservoir. The ever-present complaints about drippy carafes and durability do turn up in Mr. Coffee JWX27 reviews, although less frequently than with some other budget models. Many users have faced no such problems and find this a convenient, reliable coffee maker.

Elizabeth Sheer

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