Cuisinart DCC-450 Review


At first glance, this 4-cup pot with a cone filter and durable stainless-steel carafe is ideal for couples who make two mugs of coffee in the morning. However, reviewers complain of messy pouring, leaking, and wear on the heating plate.

A 4-cup coffee maker can be ideal for people who have limited counter space or make only a mug or two of coffee in the morning, and consumers find the design of this little machine appealing, according to Cuisinart DCC-450 reviews. The stainless-steel carafe attracts people who worry about breaking a glass pot, and the coffee maker comes in not just black but also red and pink. However, that's not enough for a few users who have posted reviews on, given that they can't seem to pour coffee from this pot without it spilling all over the counter.

Cuisinart touts the so-called dripless pour spout, but too many consumers to ignore deem that description woefully inaccurate. Several purchasers who have posted Cuisinart DCC-450 reviews at Macy's say they've junked the coffee maker because it leaks so badly. One pours coffee over the sink to avoid puddles on the counter. A consumer commenting at Amazon agrees that no matter how or where you pour, this pot is bound to make a mess.

Consumers posting reviews at Chef's Catalog give the machine credit for making coffee quickly. They also like the easy-to-use design, with no programmability.

The Cuisinart DCC-450 (starting at $21, Amazon) does have 30-minute automatic shut-off. This may seem appropriate for a machine that makes just two mugs of coffee, and most consumers posting reviews seem to consider it a blessing, but it irritates some people. On Amazon, for instance, one user gripes that the machine shuts off just as it's time for the second cup, leaving the remaining coffee cold.

We also found consistent reports of durability issues. Several Cuisinart DCC-450 reviews note that one explanation for the leaky carafe is a poor seal between the metal carafe and the plastic spout. A few consumers mention that the heating plate lost its coating very quickly. On the other hand, a few consumers who posted at Chef's Catalog have been using this coffee maker for years. The Cuisinart DCC-450 also comes with a better-than-average three-year warranty.

Unlike most other budget coffee makers, the Cuisinart DCC-450 uses a cone filter, which experts say yields a better brew. At only 10 inches tall, it will fit under most any cabinet, and users seem to find it easy to fill and clean. The small size is touted over and over again as a plus for those who don't need a gallon of coffee in the morning. Still, that can't compensate for the irritation of using a drippy, leaky pot -- wiping up a kitchen counter is not the kind of thing one wants to bother with first thing in the morning.

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