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If you are a coffee purist who grinds or even roasts your own coffee, then a cheap automatic drip pot will almost assuredly not be for you. For a distinctive cup from carefully nurtured beans, a Bodum Chambord 8-Cup French Press (starting at $31, Amazon) is for many coffee lovers the best means to the perfect brew. The coffee gurus at Java Jenius say the reason coffee from a French press is so incredibly flavorful is that both the amount of coffee and the steeping time can be individually determined.

Unlike automatic drip machines, the procedure for making French press coffee is a bit complicated. The coffee enthusiasts at CoffeeGeek suggest pouring almost-boiling water over coarsely ground coffee in the pot, stirring the resulting mix with a chopstick about six times, putting in the filter assembly, steeping for 3 to 4 minutes, and then pressing down the plunger. Why are people willing to go through all this just for a cup of coffee? The coffee geeks say it delivers a richer cup of coffee than any other method, and hundreds of consumer reviewers agree.

The Bodum Chambord French Press is the original design, consisting of a glass carafe surrounded by a chrome-plated steel frame and locking lid with a plunger that has a mesh filter. This is not like the paper filters that go in automatic coffee makers -- it allows sediment into the coffee. But Serious Eats asserts that this highlights the aromas and makes coffee-drinking a full sensory experience. Bodum Chambord reviews from Starbucks stress that the French press is easy to use and to clean. And it always works, unlike automatic pots. The 34-ounce size (which makes about 8 4-ounce cups) is just under 10 inches tall.

While many users wax rhapsodic about the Bodum Chambord French Press, there are a few downsides to it. The first is that coffee sitting in the pot will continue to steep and get stronger, so it's best to move whatever coffee you’re not drinking into an insulated carafe to keep it hot. In addition, there will be some sediment when you get down to the last cup.

That said, there are legions of people who say they will never go back to a drip coffee maker once they have tasted coffee made in a French press.

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